Harry Binswanger at Rice University

Dr. Harry Binswanger will speak at Rice University on February 22, 2014 on his upcoming book, How We Know.

The talk will begin at 7:30 PM in Anderson Biological Laboratories, Room 131.  It is Building 3 on the map of the Rice campus which can be found here.

We are in need of donations to pay for the expenses associated with this talk. You can donate here. We ask for a minimum of $30.

A dinner with Dr. Binswanger will be held prior to the talk. Those wishing to attend the dinner can do so if your donation to the talk is $40 or more. If you plan to attend the dinner, please let me know by February 19, so that reservations can be made.

Dr. Binswanger’s book can be ordered through Amazon or at http://www.how-we-know.com/

You can donate to the talk via PayPal.

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