The Best Sources of Information about Objectivism on the Web: The official website of the Ayn Rand Institute and the main source of information about Objectivism on the internet. The Ayn Rand Bookstore is affiliated with the Ayn Rand Institute; they sell books, CD’s and DVD’s related to Objectivism and host Objectivism conferences.

Homepages of Objectivist Intellectuals: Leonard Peikoff is the designated intellectual heir of Ayn Rand. Harry Binswanger runs an Objectivist email list with posts almost daily by himself and others. Andrew Bernstein is one of the most passionate and enjoyable Objectivist speakers; be sure to read his new book! Ed Locke is a great speaker and author of books on Capitalist heroes. Ellen Kenner is a practicing psychologist with her own radio show, and a wonderful speaker on psychology and romance.

Other Sources of Objectivist Information: The best political cartoons out there, plus a live blog with excellent commentary. Capitalism Magazine has many excellent articles on current events. Jean Binswanger offers classes on thinking skills. Monthly newspaper written by (and aimed at) college students, with great articles, including many by major Objectivist intellectuals. Website for Jean Moroney’s Thinking Tactics workshop (and other workshops).