Health Care Hearing

The Health Museum on Herman drive was the scene Friday afternoon of a contemptible sham “hearing” of John Conyers’ Judiciary committee.  It was run as a well staged play by that consummate director Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.  All of the actors (witnesses) began with fawning adoration for Ms. Lee and Mr. Conyers.  Most were groveling for more loot from the taxpayers’ pockets.  All of the actors (witnesses) simpered with praise for the proposed legislation HR 676 “The United States National Health Care Act.”  Not one single word was said in opposition by any of the actors.  Nor did the script allow time for questions from the audience.  The two hour performance once begun became a three hour play in two acts including scene changes (name cards) to get through the soliloquies of a second round of actors.

Now the substance:  There was a litany of suffering and pain stories to elicit sympathy followed by assertions of the right of the victims to not suffer it.  Many actors highlighted their personal sacrifices to upstage each other and elicit guilt.  None addressed the fundamental that National Health Care will take away my doctors’ and my absolute right to agree on a course of treatment and its price.  As Mr. Conyers said “This is not about ideas.  This is not about philosophy.”  Well you are right Mr. Conyers it is about the brute, thuggish force of government.  Doctors and individuals who honestly provide for their own health care are the intended victims.

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