Movie Review: Lagaan

Reviewed by Warren Ross

It is ironic for an Objectivist to be recommending a movie made in one of the most mystical countries on earth, and which contains a lengthy religious scene. But “Lagaan” is a fundamentally this-worldly movie whose focus is a struggle over important values. “Lagaan” means “tax.” “Lagaan” is the story of […]

Movie Review: October Sky

by Warren Ross

I highly recommend the movie October Sky. This is a drama about whether a young boy will escape from the rural mining town he grows up in and achieve his goals, or whether he will be trapped there by birth and circumstance. After Sputnik goes up in 1957, the boy, Homer, becomes […]

Justice for Wyatt Earp

by Brian Phillips

One hundred and twenty years ago the American West was a vast, open area brimming with natural resources and opportunity. Cow towns and mining camps sprung up across the landscape. From around the world, millions of people flocked to the Western territories with the hope of making a better life for […]