Health Care Hearing 2

In Houston on Friday, July 18th, a congressional hearing took place on a bill that would dramatically change health care as we know it in the United States for every single citizen, yet Saturday’s edition of the Houston Chronicle didn’t even mention the fact that this hearing took place.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, along with […]

Health Care Hearing

The Health Museum on Herman drive was the scene Friday afternoon of a contemptible sham “hearing” of John Conyers’ Judiciary committee. It was run as a well staged play by that consummate director Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. All of the actors (witnesses) began with fawning adoration for Ms. Lee and Mr. Conyers. Most were groveling […]

Health Care

The following letter was written by an HOS member and published in the Houston Chronicle.

One editorial and another article by Paul Krugman appeared in Friday’s paper lamenting the fact that the federal and state government don’t provide health care to everyone who needs it. Both of these pieces assume that if citizens need something, […]

Land-use Regulations and the Ashby High Rise

The following was submitted to the Houston Chronicle.

Recent events, such as the release of Stephen Klineberg’s newest survey and the controversy over the Ashby High Rise, have provoked a renewed discussion over land use restrictions in Houston. While such discussions are important, they are meaningless unless they address fundamental principles.

Klineberg’s survey found […]