Sports Commentators and a Rational Morality

by Warren Ross

It has been frequently observed, both in the larger Objectivist community and by members of HOS, that sports represents an area in our culture still dominated by rational values – admiration for achievement, striving for excellence, discipline to achieve important goals. Less attention has been paid to the specific commentary that accompanies […]

El Niño and the Metaphysics of Chaos

by Warren Ross

See if you can integrate the following seemingly disparate concretes:

The movie Jurassic Park The latest death in the Kennedy clan The movie Forrest Gump El Niño

If what unites them is not immediately obvious, let’s start by reviewing the essentials of each item.

In the movie Jurassic Park, man’s attempts to […]

The Real Horatio Alger

by Warren Ross

“Horatio Alger hero” is a common phrase in America, referring to the person who achieves success by his own effort in the face of great obstacles. Over 100 books with such heroes were written by Horatio Alger (1834-1899), whose stories of boys overcoming poverty were widely read in the 19th century. Yet […]

Justice for Wyatt Earp

by Brian Phillips

One hundred and twenty years ago the American West was a vast, open area brimming with natural resources and opportunity. Cow towns and mining camps sprung up across the landscape. From around the world, millions of people flocked to the Western territories with the hope of making a better life for […]