Brian Phillips talk at Cypress Tea Party

On August 10, Brian Phillips spoke to the Cypress Tea Party. A video of the talk is available on YouTube. One of the leaders of the Cypress Tea Party wrote a review of the talk, which can be found on Spherical Model.

Zoning Battle in League City

by Brian Phillips

In her essay “What Can One Do?” Ayn Rand writes:

Speak on any scale open to you, large or small–to your friends, your associates, your professional organizations, or any legitimate public forum. You can never tell when your words will reach the right mind at the right time.

HOS member Joe Reed […]

Tax Day Tea Party 2009

by Brian Phillips

Thirteen members of HOS attended the April 15 Tea Party. We handed out 150 copies of Atlas Shrugged, 150 pamphlets, and collected about 150 email addresses. I have sent an email to those who got a copy of Atlas. I encouraged them to read it, to visit the HOS web site, as […]

Report on Congressional Hearing

by Janet Westphal

Report by the HOS president on the healthcare meeting held by Houston Representative Sheila Jackson Lee and Michigan Representative John Conyers, Jr.

Besides myself, three other members showed up to the healthcare meeting on Friday, July 18th (which actually was a Congressional Hearing). I had planned my son’s feedings around the meeting, […]

Panel Discussion on the Ashby High Rise

by Brian Phillips

On April 14 I appeared on a panel to discuss the proposed Ashby High Rise. The event was hosted by the Baker Institute Student Forum at Rice.

The other members of the panel were:

Jim Reeder, the President of the Southampton Civic Club (the neighborhood nearest the proposed project) Mike Snyder, a […]

Speaking Against Zoning in Hobbs, NM

by Brian Phillips

In mid-2005 the Maddox Foundation of Hobbs, New Mexico, proposed to give the city a $15 million grant to “beautify” the city. The grant contract included a stipulation that the city adopt land use controls that met with the approval of the Foundation.

Several months later, I was contacted by a businessman […]