Tax Day Tea Party 2009

by Brian Phillips

Thirteen members of HOS attended the April 15 Tea Party. We handed out 150 copies of Atlas Shrugged, 150 pamphlets, and collected about 150 email addresses. I have sent an email to those who got a copy of Atlas. I encouraged them to read it, to visit the HOS web site, as well as the sites for ARI and ARC. I also solicited donations for purchasing copies of Atlas to distribute at the July 4 Tea Party. My goal is to hand out 500 copies at that party.

The organizers say that 8,500+ people signed in, and they know many who attended didn’t do so (I didn’t). They estimate the crowd at 10,000. That is remarkable, as it demonstrates that many in our culture are unhappy with current trends. But as the signs and speakers at the event made clear, rational ideas are largely missing from the tea parties. And unless rational principles are embraced by the tea party movement, it will wither and die.

Once again, thanks to all who attended the Tea Party, contributed to purchasing copies of Atlas Shrugged, or both.

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